Roller Skating at Lake Merritt


This may or may not surprise you but there are a lot of roller skaters in the Bay Area. I love street skating and I recently discovered that there are a lot of people who love street skating in Oakland. We formed a group around September 2017 that gets together two or three times a week to skate. The most consistent time we meet is on Tuesdays at around 6-8pm near the amphitheater at Lake Merritt. If you don’t see us right at the amphitheater, listen for our music and you will find us roller dancing near by. Please feel free to skate with us (you will need to get your own skates) or just come by and watch us or hang out with us.

If you want to buy a good quality pair of roller skates, I suggest going to Skates on Haight in San Francisco.

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  1. Wait, what?! Who are you? I want to skate with you guys! Are you still meeting? If so, where when please?

    • Yeah, we are still skating the lake. We meet on Wednesday evenings nowadays. More info here:

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